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brand identity

The new graphic style guide for the JTBC, one of the leading broadcasting company in Korea, was developed to reinforce the company’s identity and visual communication. The existing identity elements, the logotype and identity colors were disassembled and reassembled into 4 color units. Each unit was designed to have identical form factor and movement, visually representing each contents category of the company - drama, news, entertainment and culture. As building blocks of flexible design system including the on-air and off-air, the color units can be used in single/multiple compositions and organized/random arrangements.
This project went on-air on March 2013 across all media.
  • Creative direction: Heesun Kim
  • Art direction: Jaemin Lee
  • Graphic design, editorial work: Hwayoung Lee and Woogyung Geel
  • Motion design: Hwayoung Lee and studio Delpic
  • Animation: studio Delpic

  • Client: JTBC
  • Year: March 2013

JTBC network design package from studio fnt on Vimeo.

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