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Sense of Direction
Exhibition catalog
Dongwan Kook pays attention to the contact point between individuals and society in her works through various media such as drawings, paintings, sculptures, videos, and books. This exhibition shows her agonies toward real estate issues, one of the significant social problems in South Korea. The Sense of Direction series, drawn on paper with colored pencils, is made by adding a graph of Seoul’s housing prices over the past 30 years to the floor plan of her current residence. She also established the principle of drawing a line pointing to the upper right in red and a line pointing to the lower right in blue.
I tried to reflect the context and concept of this drawing principle she created, in the posters and books of the exhibition. I separated two color channels of red and blue from a photograph of drawings and printed them in each spot color. I also slightly changed the direction of texts such as exhibition information and essays. It expresses the artist’s desire to feel new winds blowing from various directions, looking at the individuals and society with a critical and affectionate eye at the same time.

Design: Jaemin Lee
Client: Dongwan Kook
Year: April 2022

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