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system 14
systems 14 is an exhibition of commissioned poster designs and ‘60s Braun products.
Recent years have seen a revival of interest in modernist graphic design, but little agreement about what, in practical terms, this might mean or what is ultimately at stake in it. Thirty-four leading graphic designers and studios were invited to produce a poster design on the theme of Braun systems design. From repetition and development to nostalgia and critique, the diversity of response to the systems brief offers a snapshot of the international graphic design scene in this moment of uncertain possibility. At the same time, systems samples some of the best and most challenging work currently being produced.
systems is curated by das programm and produced in association with Braun, exhibition design and graphics undertaken by Giorgio Del Buono.

21 Nov 2014 — 5 Dec 2014
Walter Knoll
East Gate7, Chaoyang Park No. 1 Nongzhan Guan Nanlu
Chaoyang District, Peking 100125

  • Design: Jaemin Lee
  • Year: November 2014

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